‘Specialising in building defect surveys, the company has provided impartial advice to clients from a range of sectors across the UK. By using Infrared Technology, Aerial Photography and Electronic Leak Detection, we aim to mitigate Risks, save time & costs for our Clients, whilst Providing clear, unbiased and compelling reports.
Introduction to Thermography…
All objects with a temperature above absolute zero emit infrared radiation. Infrared Thermography (otherwise known as Thermal Imaging) is a specialist technique which uses infrared sensitive cameras to inspect buildings, perform stock condition surveys, flat roof inspections, predictive maintenance of electrical equipment and detects damp & mold conditions to name a few. This non-destructive test method allows quick identification, both in terms of location and severity, of anomalies associated with energy transfer. Captured Thermal Images require tuning by an experienced Analyst to reveal anomalies in a specific temperature span.
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The EBS Surveying Team are Qualified to ITC Standard. EBS Drone Pilots are CAA Approved The Infrared Training Centre (ITC) is the worlds largest Thermography Training Organisation in association with FLIR, the Global Leaders in Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras. 
Prior to commissioning an Infrared, ELD or Drone Survey, EBS will discuss site preparation plans with the client. Full details are presented in your quotation pack.






Our approach at EBS is to provide supporting, independent evidence to your project. Our method is to understand your requirements and tailor our survey to your brief, providing you with the best impartial results from a thermographic, ELD or Drone Survey.  Envirobuild is an independent, family owned business totaling 14 years’ worth of experience within the infrared sector, with offices located in East London & Suffolk. We offer full UK coverage, taking pride in looking after our clients, providing professional advice and deliverables.
How Does an Infrared Camera Work? Rather than using a CMOS or CCD detectors which record light in the visible light spectrum, a thermal imaging camera uses a micro-bolometer array to accurately measure levels of infrared radiation. This data is adapted for viewing by the human eye by adding a colour palette to represent the temperature span being viewed. The resultant image is known as thermogram. What is Thermography? Thermography (otherwise known as Thermal Imaging) is a technique which uses infrared sensitive cameras to inspect objects where a temperature variation can be detected. In buildings, these variation (anomalies) can represent defects. Uses such as performing stock condition surveys, flat roof inspections, predictive maintenance of electrical equipment, live rotating machinery inspections and detect damp & mould conditions, to name a few. This non-destructive method allows quick identification both in terms of location and severity of anomalies.
What Can I Expect from A Thermal Survey? On completion of a thermographic survey, the client will receive a confidential & impartial report featuring in detail both visual and thermal images, together with observational comments regarding the anomalies discovered on the survey. The survey will be managed by the same ITC Trained operative throughout the process, allowing continuity and a thorough understanding of the project from start to finish. Once our client has their report, we are still here to help, explain and troubleshoot your new thermal data with you as much as you need. We can meet with you on site to discuss the findings if required
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