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 PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE SURVEY Daytime Visual Inspection & Thermal Image Capture Electrician Present During the Survey to Remove Distribution Board Covers and carry out minor real time repairs etc. Collation & Evaluation of Image Data Visual Analysis & Report Produced Presentation Meeting of the Report (If Request) Remedial Work to be Actioned by The Client Re-Test of Remedial Work (Recommended) Forms a reference document for future comparison
Electrical Equipment Insurance policy requirement Rotating Equipment Bearings Compliance Testing
Infrared Predicative Maintenance – Electrical Equipment There is a growing need to monitor electrical installations / equipment for Safety & Due Diligence reasons, excessive energy consumption and to reduce unnecessary down time due to unforeseen / premature failures. Any electrical apparatus that has a heat signature (cold - such as a refrigerator door seal or hot - a vacuum pump) can be readily identified using infrared techniques. There is no other preventative technology or technique that can identify defects on faulty electrical equipment as safely or as quickly, whilst causing no interruption to the normal working operation of business. In fact, testing requires apparatus to be under normal load conditions. An infrared survey can be used as a non-invasive tool for routine maintenance or to comply with insurance requirements, identifying arcing/overheating of poor connections, potential fire risks, phase imbalances and overloading circuits.  This allows for the early detection of faults that could present risk to health and the working environment. A failure within electrical infrastructures can have far reaching consequences, creating unnecessary downtime and budgetary implications. Avoiding such eventualities can be easily managed when operating a routine approach to inspection.    BENEFITS Safe Non-Destructive and No Contact Testing Identifying Potential Problems before they Escalate Prohibiting Costly Downtime & Interrupted Operations Provides a Full Audit Trial of the Health of the Equipment Inspected Accurate Reporting, Early Detection of Faults Survey one consumer unit or an entire factory, including server rooms Test “Power Backup Facilities” under load (before they fail when you need them most) Visually identify Anomalies Increasing demand by Insurance Companies - Can Reduce Premiums Quick & Cost Effective Survey – Some Defects Can Be Rectified at the Time of Survey by Your Own Electrician. APPLICATIONS All Year-Round Survey (Including Drone Deployment Where Required) Ideal for Schools, Hospitals and Commercial and Domestic Buildings Switch Panels & Distribution Boards Control Panels & Contactor Overloads Switch Fuses & Isolators Belts, Bearings & Motors, Refrigeration & HVAC Compliance with Insurance Requirements  Tailored Maintenance Programs – Form Part of a Pre-Annual Maintenance Shut Down Routine. Identifying Potential Problems before they Escalate
OUR METHODOLOGY Our approach to predictive maintenance is non-destructive, discreet and methodical, undertaken during normal operational load conditions. We survey in conjunction with your Electrician. This speeds the surveying process and allows some simple remedial works to be carried out on the spot. All results from the survey are recorded in a document forming a written and visual reference for future comparison. The document will form part of your pre “Annual Shutdown” Maintenance routine.
As good practice, we recommend our clients undertake before and after surveys to check remedial works have been carried out successfully. Our surveys are impartial, confidential and do not invalidate guarantees.
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